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StickARK™ Kick Mount Drumstick Holder

Maxonix StickARK Logo

StickARK™ Kick Mount Drumstick Holder (StealthGray) – is a Patent-Pending new concept in drumstick holders that perfectly positions 4 sticks on your kick drum. Read on to learn more about this amazing new "must have" drum accessory product...

U.S. Orders $14.50 + FREE Shipping

International Orders $21.95 + FREE Shipping

The 1st StickARK is $21.95 including shipping. The price for additional StickARKs is $14.50 each. Just add them to your order using the U.S. price button above. (For example, the International cost for 2 StickARKs is $36.45.)

View or download pdf docs:

   Info  StickARK Owner's Manual

Use it on:
  • Kick/Bass drum
     - top
     - side
     - front
     - back
     - in pairs


Checkmark Bullet Point IconFits - instantly adapts to all popular stick
        sizes, from 7A to XXL marching sticks
        + brushes, bundles, rods & more
Checkmark Bullet Point IconFast - closer than reaching down for a
         stick bag or tube type holder
Checkmark Bullet Point IconAccurate - sticks stay lined up in order
Checkmark Bullet Point IconQuiet - stops stick rattle
Checkmark Bullet Point IconSimple - to attach, no tools needed,         not even a drum key
Checkmark Bullet Point IconEasy - to grab sticks, with wide spacing
        between sticks
Checkmark Bullet Point IconCustom Fit - forms a perfect fit on all
        standard 8-10 lug kick drums
Checkmark Bullet Point IconWorks - on 18", 20", 22", and 24" bass
        drum sizes  ( + 10-lug 26" drums)
Checkmark Bullet Point IconDual Locking Wings - doubly secure
Checkmark Bullet Point IconShock Mounted - for stability
Checkmark Bullet Point IconSafe - 
         • for drum & sticks
         • No metal edges to scratch your finish
         • No adhesive
         • Easily remove & change locations
Checkmark Bullet Point IconGig-Ready - stays on drum for easy
        transport & instant setup, even in a case
Checkmark Bullet Point IconMade in USA